We are excited to announce, Burnin’ In Mount Vernon 2021 is ON!!! Nashville Recording Artist (and Chris’s guitar hero since age 13), Eric Heatherly returns to the historic Lincoln Theatre, to join the Chris Eger Band for a night of fun, rockin’ tunes and guitarslingin’. Eric and Lindsey Heatherly also bring the newly signed (AGR-Television Records) Record Store Troubadours to showcase their upcoming release!

NOV 20th, 2021, 7:30pm


LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: We are proud to announce the launch of our newest content platform – Patreon! Read more below or go to and SUPPORT CHRIS & RICHARD for OTW! Exactly 20 weeks ago, today (during the first week of the Quarantine of 2020,) I, like so many other artists, was contemplating how to adapt and continue pursuing the career and passion that is, music. A video series was conceived, in which I could record all the tracks of a song, and make a music video of sorts, with the studio footage. Luckily, good friend and studiomaster at Plum Tree Recording Studio, Richard Williams agreed to give this scheme a shot, resulting in the first episode of Chris Eger’s One Take Weekly @ PTRS. That pilot episode has gone on to be viewed upwards of 12,000 times! We are so grateful for the support so many have shown, and we thank each one of you. We’re taking our game to a new level, where, in addition to OTW, we are now creating Special Edition episodes featuring guest artists. These new episodes will be exclusive to our Patreon patrons! Behind the scenes footage, livestream performances and much more will be available to our supporters. Richard and I wish to keep our amazing momentum and raise the bar on OTW, but studio time is not cheap! By becoming a patron, you will help our series grow and attempt to spread some joy during such difficult times. Whether you have followed The Chris Eger Band for years, or become a fan recently from the One Take Weekly series we hope you join us, and support our passion! -Chris